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Nicole, 21. This blog is body love, good food, exercise, and for myself. A creative at university, love exploring, cooking, and being wrapped in a cocoon of blankets with a hot coffee. Learning to love the skin I'm in.

26lbs lost


This post comes in two three parts!

Part one: I’ve got quite good at getting sudden cravings and that recollecting myself and eating mindfully, right? Right, well I totally failed at that about 45 minutes ago. Peanut butter sandwich, hot chocolate powder (what?), and half a packet of Digestive biscuits with chocolate. I stopped myself half way down the biscuits. My old instincts would tell me to carry on because it’s too late, but I became mindful and put the food away. Although frustrating, it kinda put in perspective how far I’ve come in the past couple of years. Nice

Part two: I RAN THIS MORNING. Test run, alright, went for just over a mile. It took fifteen minutes. I was wheezing and had to stop to walk twice. However, no pain in my shins and I stretched hard before and after. Christ I gotta get my cardiovascular fitness back up to scratch. I’ve downloaded the Nike+ app and I’ll be working from that from now on. Wheee, this is the beginning of crossing another couple of things off my bucket list.

P.s. I weighed in at 150lbs this morning but I feel like that’s fucking nuts? I don’t feel I can add it to my total bc that means I’m only 2lbs from my 30lbs weight loss goal for 2014????? WhaTTT??? The scales must be broken I can’t believe it. I’ll double check later in the week before I add it on alright

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